is quinoa gluten free

Here it is then. Here is the answer to the question still on many consumers’ minds, having not yet got into the detail of this wonderful wonder food, also known as a superfood or pseudo cereal. Here is the answer to the question; is quinoa gluten free. Quinoa is indeed gluten free. Not only that, specific health food benefits apply to all those who are currently confirmed as being gluten intolerant, whether mildly so or suffering from an extreme condition, quite possibly the dreaded Celiac disease.

Perhaps dread is not entirely appropriate. While there may be no long-term cure for the minority of men and women suffering from this disease, their lives are never in peril, particularly if they quickly and consciously convert their healthy eating plans to an extensive list that is entirely gluten free. There is no longer the need to rely on harmful medical prescriptions and antibiotics that are never going to be failsafe guarantees and instead carry far too many side effects.

There are no side effects for gluten intolerant sufferers. Interestingly, quinoa does contain proteins quite similar to the gluten protein. While the gluten protein activates celiac disease sufferers’ immune systems rather negatively, only improved, prolonged and permanent healthy outcomes are possible for those who, quite literally, feast on an entirely gluten free diet. At this stage, consumers do need to clear up one misconception about quinoa.

Quinoa is not a grain. It is a seed from a plant, previously only indigenous to specific regions on the South American content. Another question on the minds of concerned consumers is this one. Is quinoa safe for consumption? And the answer is; yes, it is. Going gluten free is a lot easier today than it was in the past. The food services industries continue to add countless new products to their product lists every year.

While processed foods will never be an entirely healthy option for affected consumers, there is still plenty to choose from where natural, organic foods, from the sea to the land, and from orchids to organic gardens, are concerned.